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Correspondence to and from Rabbi Sasson Khedouri

This archival material includes most correspondence with Rabbi Sasson Khedouri. Topics include: correspondence from Midrash Talmud Torah regarding educational and financial matters; election of members to a Management Committee for the Baghdad Brigade; letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Rabbi Khedouri’s testimony before a British-American Commission of Inquiry on the state of Israel; document of questions and Rabbi Khedouri’s answers on the following issues: Jewish status in Iraq, the state of Israel, equality of Jews on paying taxes, education, obtaining jobs, business, religion freedom, travelling, teaching Hebrew, and the number of Jews in Iraq; a form to collect factual information on the Jewish community to be published in the al-Rafidain Directory; a letter from Iraq Red Crescent Society to the head of Jewish community regarding the death of three Iraqis in Java, Indonesia prisons; a letter from a researcher; an invitation for a theater play from the Children's Protection Society; Shamash Company asking for help to distribute fabric to the poor; letter of complaint from a Muslim because some Jews entered the al-Kazmia holy place; a complaint regarding the Jewish community's girls behavior; letter asking for help on a forgery matter; letter asking for help from a Russian Jew who moved to Baghdad; letter asking for help to get papers from the Ministry of Supply to print the Jewish annual calendar for 5708; letter from the al-Jafería Schools Association asking for book donations to build a library; letters to the head of the Jewish community regarding obituaries for martyrs; letter to write an introduction for a book about Iraqi Crown Prince Abdullah; letters from the President of the Jewish Community asking for help on some matters.

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Judeo-Arabic; Typed; Handwritten; Letterhead; Ink Stamp; Iraqi Government; Crown Crest; Annotation; Baghdadi Jewish Community; Midrash Talmud Torah; President of the Jewish Community; Spiritual Council; Jewish Lay Council; Revenue Stamp; Thumbprint; Hakham Sassoon Khedouri; Imports; Iraqi Red Crescent Society; Association of Helping the Poor; Marriage; Condolence Letters; Sunni Sharia Court Judge; Sharia Court; Court of Iraq; Judicial; Christian; Judge Aljafería; Patriarch of the Chaldean Sect; Syrian Catholic Bishop; Armenian Bishop; Armenian Orthodox Bishop; Diwan Al-Hashemi; Telegram; King Abdullah(Jordan); Medical College; University; Publicity Division and the Foreign Intelligence; Purim; Society of Water; British Occupation; Divorce; Ministry of Supply; British Embassy; Department of Posts & Telegraphs; Al Rafidain Directory; Sabbath; Butchers; Kosher; Theater; Physicians; Marriage Certificate; Meir Eliyahu Synagogue; Synagogue; Lebanon; Isaac Silas; James Newton; Circumcision; Taj Film Corporation; Iraqi Army; Correspondence; Chief Rabbi

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